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Flya is where services are discovered. Whether it is treating yourself or scoring something new, open Flya app to start discovering offers on lifestyle, digital, business and more services.

How It Works

Flya is where you discover services in form of flyers.

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It’s free to sign up and takes less than 58 seconds. Only registered users can access Flya.

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Discover Service

Browse flyers by categories. Tap on a flyer for services of interest for details or to inquire.

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Connect with Seller

Drop the seller a message on their wall. Connect via video chat to discuss details and delivery.

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Sellers value your complete satisfaction. Simply leave your feedback, or tell us your concerns.


It’s that simple. Get the Flya app to start exploring amazing services and offers, locally and nationally.


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It’s personal. Seriously, get the app for exclusive access.

What they’re saying

"You had me at skipping salon prices..!?? "

 - Nat.

"Boosting my revenue streams has been quite amazing thus far!"

- Nik.

"Makes getting services more transparent and personal!"

- Mahi.

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Providing a Service?

A flyer can get you a long way. Whether it is creating awareness or keeping a busy schedule, Flya is where you connect with people interested in your services.


It’s Simple

A service is listed in form of a flyer on Flya. Sellers can list multiple flyers for different services.

Create a Flyer

Sign up to list a service flyer. People discover your flyer when they browse the Flya app.

Respond to Inquiry

Get notified when there’s an inquiry, respond and connect via video chat or direct message.

Deliver Service

Confirm and deliver service, like you promised. It’s that simple.


24/7 Support

Connect with us anytime, anywhere for assistance.

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